The Great Barrier Island Adventure – Sea Link

Great Barrier Island offers tranquility and adventure in a beautiful setting of beaches, wharfs, bush, and more.

The Great Barrier Island Adventure – The Sea Link

Sea Link is Auckland’s only car ferry link to Great Barrier Island. Sea Link car ferry services offer the convenience of a drive-on, drive-off service, that will help you make the most of these perfect island holiday destinations in the Hauraki Gulf.

Sea Link have been plying the waters of the Hauraki Gulf for many years now, so they know how to take care of holidaymakers. With fast, reliable car ferry services and a fantastic choice of accommodation on Great Barrier Island, we go the extra mile to make sure you have a great time.

Showcasing the best of Great Barrier Island adventure,

Great Barrier Island is a 3 hour ferry ride from Auckland and The Sea Link Travel Group, who provide the only car ferry service to Waiheke Island and Great Barrier Island, will get you there safely and in a flash.

Whether it is rest and relaxation – an island getaway – or a perfect holiday – the choice is yours with Sea Link car ferry services. Great Barrier Island boasts a huge variety of activities and high quality Barrier accommodation.

Defining the limit of the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier is an island adventure and is one of the most tranquil and unspoilt places you will ever find, and is the perfect holiday destination and island getaway.

90km north east of Auckland, in the Hauraki Gulf is the perfect island adventure getaway. Just over 3 hours by ferry and 30mins by plane Great Barrier Island (Aotea) is a ‘world of its own’. Although part of Auckland Central the island is as different to any city as you could get. Take a trip back in time to when roads were unsealed and drivers acknowledged one another. There are no banks, no traffic lights and just a few shops and some Great Barrier Accommodation for holiday goers. Water is mainly what comes from the sky and power is generated by generator and/or alternative power systems.

Experience the peace and tranquillity of a perfect holiday at Great Barrier Lodge overlooking beautiful Whangaparapara Harbour, Great Barrier Island, Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. This Great Barrier accommodation offers splendid views from absolute waterfront suites surrounded by spectacular bushclad scenery.

The Great Barrier Lodge is the perfect holiday place for your island adventure, especially for mid-sized events of all kinds. With great catering facilities and Great Barrier Island on your doorstep to keep your guests entertained, Great Barrier Lodge have got everything covered!

Nobody knows the Hauraki Gulf like Sea Link.

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