Shuttlerock – Social Content for your Business: Product Tour

Market your products and services through Shuttlerock and gain the freedom to engage with customers online.

Shuttlerock’s mission is to provide businesses with the freedom to engage with their customers online.

Shuttlerock is a new way of marketing your products and services by using your customers to do the marketing for you via Facebook/Social Media; it becomes the social hub of your own website.

So how does it do it?

You simply run competitions to encourage your customers to share experiences with their friends by loading photos onto a branded web site over which you have total control.

This web site integrates with all the major social media providers like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter etc.

When customers upload photos they share it with their friends on Facebook. When their friends vote they, in turn, also share it with their friends. This is a new way of promoting products and services and is what we refer to as Crowd Marketing

How does it work?

1. Gather Fresh content

Here are a few ‘content board’ ideas. Each board will contain a number of pictures and text sourced from different channels.

2. Easy sharing

It’s a far more compelling proposition to have your customers promote you rather than promoting yourself directly. Shuttlerock makes it straightforward for your customers to share content with their friends via their existing social media channels.

Research shows that people trust other people 91% of the time vs. advertising just 14% of the time.

Rather than you having to chase many channels (and while Facebook is currently dominant, your business needs to have a strategy for multiple social networks), your customer chooses the channels most relevant to them.

3. Efficient management tools

Shuttlerock very easily lets you control your ‘content boards’. You create your own boards and choose who has the ability to upload images to them. You can also moderate the content by choosing to hold photos and text for your approval before they are displayed.

There are also options to edit the content and choose whether or not Facebook comments are displayed on your site.

A complete analytics suite is coming soon, which will provide you with an overall picture of what is happening with your boards and allow you to see key numbers at a glance.

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