HTC One X quad-core smartphone by 2degrees

The 2degrees HTC ONE X smartphone is your quad-core android entertainer.

Complete with an amazing camera that takes a shot in just 0.7 secs and beautiful pictures even in low light conditions, the 2degrees HTC One X delivers an authentic sound experience with Beats Audio tuning across all your multimedia, a Music Hub that centralises all your music types, and a Sync Manager that wirelessly synchronises all your playlists including iTunes.
Experience the extraordinary power of quad-core android! Lightning-fast web browsing, remarkable picture quality and hyper-realistic gaming effects – all on a giant, 4.7-inch HD screen.
The 2degrees HTC One X lifts the smartphone game to a whole new level.

Exceptional performance comes standard with the 2degrees HTC One X Android smartphone
Brace yourself for lightning-fast web browsing, remarkable picture quality and seamless gaming visuals thanks to the powerful quad-core processor. You’ll love the minimalist design and the camera that captures every moment (even in low light) with crisp, vivid, beautiful photos. It also lets you take a photo while shooting HD video. Plus, with Beats Audio™ you hear authentic, deep sound with true, finely-tuned details.

Amazing camera
With this camera you never miss a shot. Capture every moment with a camera that starts-up in less than a second, and has rapid-fire continuous shooting. You’ll never again have to choose between capturing a video or a picture—with Video Pic you can get both at the same time. And you’ll get the best images even under the worst conditions: low light, no light and back light… None are a problem.

Authentic sound
Sound on your HTC smartphone is worth bragging about, especially with the speed of this quad-core android beast. With Beats Audio™, listening is truly different. Whether playing music or games, watching movies or videos, or your in-car experience, you get rich, authentic sound. Plus with our integrated music experience, easily access all your music libraries, favorite audio apps and internet radio simultaneously from one convenient location.

Minimalist design
We’ve paid close attention to every detail, ensuring this phone is as durable as it is beautiful. Minimalist design meets a 4.7-inch infinity screen with smoothly rounded piano-gloss sidewalls, a curved back so it’s easy to hold, and a unified shell for increased durability.

If you are looking for an exceptional quad-core android smartphone, then the 2degrees HTC One X should be your first pic.
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